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KdF White Ribbon Class

SHFA Programs

Kunst des Fechtens

  • White Ribbon Class
  • Messer and Dussack
  • Dagger and Grappling
  • Meyer by the Book

La Verdada Destreza

Scienza d’Arme

The Philosophy of Battle



The KdF White Ribbon Class is our primary course in German longsword. The class focus is on taking the tactics and techniques of Meyer's Kunst des Fechtens and applying them in non-compliant training scenarios. Making use of modern pedagogical methods students learn to perform the techniques under pressure so that they will be able to incorporate them into their freeplay sparring and competitive fencing. 

This class is suitable for anyone who has passed the KdF Beginner's Course and is looking to focus on their tactical and technical training. It runs for approximately one hour.

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So you want to learn to use a sword?

So you want to learn to use a sword?

Swords are iconic, sword fighting is fun. At the Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy there is nothing we love more than sharing this art with other people. We offer training in a variety of historical fencing arts and would like to invite you to come out and take a free class with us. Just let us know what type of sword you'd like to learn to use!

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