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La Verdadera Destreza - The Spanish True Skill at Arms

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Kunst des Fechtens

La Verdada Destreza

Scienza d’Arme

The Philosophy of Battle



Come learn the martial arts of renaissance Spain!  This style, known as "la verdadera destreza" or "the true skill at arms", was taught in Spain and Portugal throughout the 1600's and 1700's, and focuses on staying safe in a sword fight.  Created in 1569 by the renowned Spanish knight and philosopher Jeronimo Sanchez de Carranza, it uses a rich and original system of fencing theory to emphasize provable truths over rote practice.  The style blossomed in Spanish-speaking countries around the world and influenced other systems throughout Europe.

This class focuses on the sword held in one hand with some greatsword and sword-and-dagger work included as special topics. The single-handed sword tradition includes both cuts and thrusts, along with some disarms and grappling, for a robust solution to any opponent.  We strive to practice the style as a martial art, as well as to recreate Carrancine ideals while also leveraging the work of other authors from across the tradition such as Pacheco, Ettenhard, Figueiredo, and more.

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