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Montante Intensive


Devils. That's what they thought the Montante men were.  The brothers Jorge, Vasco, and João de Lima fought for Portugal cutting bodies in half, decapitating, and severing limbs as they flew through the battle like demons clearing the field around them with their flying swords.  This is what the Spanish greatsword tradition instilled in them.  It taught how a few people could fight against many using 4 feet of sharpened steel in both hands.

The Spanish martial tradition is unified by a theoretical system that applies the science of Aristotle to the weapons of warfare and civil dueling.  During this 4-hour seminar students will train with the Iberian greatsword and practice a series of 'rules' which are martial forms used to practice the tradition.  These include rules for fighting against groups, working as a bodyguard, fighting in an alley, running up pikes, and more.

So you want to learn to use a sword?

So you want to learn to use a sword?

Swords are iconic, sword fighting is fun. At the Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy there is nothing we love more than sharing this art with other people. We offer training in a variety of historical fencing arts and would like to invite you to come out and take a free class with us. Just let us know what type of sword you'd like to learn to use!

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