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Mark Inc

Mark Inc photo Mark Inc
  • Instructor
  • Level I: Regimental Highland Broadsword

Mark Inc (pronounced Intz) is a level one certified instructor in Highland Broadsword through the Cateran Society. He has been practicing HEMA in one form or another since 2016. He ran a British Military Saber study group for two years before moving to Sacramento. For the last two years he has been working with some of the top researchers and practitioners of the martial art systems used by England, Scotland, and Ireland in the 18th and 19th century. Through their guidance, Mark has demonstrated the necessary skills and knowledge required to open his own chapter of the Broadsword Academy. He is now looking forward to bringing this tradition to Sacramento.

Mark currently specializes in the techniques employed by the Scottish Highland Regiments in the British Army to quickly turn new recruits into effective swordsmen. He is actively working on receiving higher level certifications to teach more complicated and less researched aspects of this tradition. Additionally, he is pursuing an Instructor-at-arms certification in La Verdadera Destreza under Maestros Puck Curtis and Eric Myers.

So you want to learn to use a sword?

So you want to learn to use a sword?

Swords are iconic, sword fighting is fun. At the Sacramento Historical Fencing Academy there is nothing we love more than sharing this art with other people. We offer training in a variety of historical fencing arts and would like to invite you to come out and take a free class with us. Just let us know what type of sword you'd like to learn to use!

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